Why Sex Is So Addicting

This article was well written. I commend the author for a job well done!


Love, Marriage, and Sexual AddictionSex is a beautiful thing, and sex is a powerful thing.  After all, God created it!

And it’s important for you to know that the reason God puts restrictions on sex is not because He is a cosmic killjoy who hates to see us having fun.  That’s not it.  The reason He has restricted it is because sex has a very powerful purpose in life.

The purpose for sex is to

create a supernatural bond

between a husband and wife

that will never be broken.

In line with this,

sex is actually

designed to be addictive!

Sex creates a nuclear-powered desire for a husband to be with his wife.  It makes him think about her throughout the day.  It makes him eager to be with her.  It makes him want to serve her and to love her.  And for the woman, it helps her to feel the closeness…

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