My Burning Desire

   My burning desire really took off when I was given the decision about what was more important to me. The decision of, was my employer most important in my life, or was poetry reading at a poetry event that I had written an amazing poem titled, “Women Making Life Happen” more important. The day before the event, I told my employer that working for her was not my dream job, and that my passion lied within inspiring and uplifting others. I quit that same day that I told her this.
I was upset, confused, and unsure at the moment, not sure if I was making the right choice.
The day of the event, I dressed in my best to impress, and went in there with my head held high, and read my 3 poems like a true champ. The applause of the audience made me feel spectacular.
And from that day forward, I vowed to get my self-help poetry book complete. The book that I had begun writing years earlier before, but just never had the time or energy to finish it. I wrote endlessly days upon days, anywhere from short stories, new poems, and typing up older poems and short stories. I joined writers groups and was even made an admin. for a site on Facebook called Writers of The Storm. I read poems upon poems giving feedback to all the members of the group. I learned of a site called and called in a few times to share many poems to the live air.

   In my mind, in my heart, and in my soul, I had this burning desire to be heard. To get my work recognized and acknowledged by people near and far. I submitted a 10,000 word short story to a contest in in hopes of winning to fulfill my burning desire of taking my gift to its next step. I entered my simulated photography combined with my best poems into a local art show in hopes of winning as well. I entered another contest submitting another short story in hopes of it being selected for publication within an anthology book. I submitted an article to a site called Write for Healing and it was selected for the May 5th publication. It was a great feeling and a start to what was yet to come. My self-help poetry book is complete and ready now for publication. Through all this I have much appreciation and feel very well accomplished.
I have inspired many of my close friends and now write full-time guided in what it is I am meant to do in this life.
Writing, sharing, and helping others through my life’s journey is my destined purpose. The accomplished feeling is felt deep within.
A friend who knows of my journey, shared a message about a program called The Quantum Leap Program with me, and as I read the story attached, tears welled up in my eyes, as I thought of my own journey of how sometimes I too felt at times, that this writer’s journey is rough and very frustrating. But the story attached was also to me a sign and encouragement to keep going because my rewards were yet to come.
I knew this was the Creators way of telling me, “I know it has been hard, but you’re almost there. KEEP GOING.”
My friend sharing this with me, was very well meant for me. I know that and can definitely feel that is was meant for me to come across it, whether I am selected as an applicant or not. For it is my mission to be heard ONE way or another. And I won’t stop even after succeeding.


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