Believing in the POWER of FAITH by Darrah J. PEREZ .written on May 30th, 2015.

The POWER of Faith is so important in everyday living. To wake up and have appreciation for life is very important. Seeing the beauty in another day granted, whether the sky is blue or gray, no matter the weather. Clouds, rain, snow, and the best; a beautiful sunshine, take no day for granted.

I wake up each morning with a cup of water in hand and pray to the direction that the sun rises. I Thank the Creator for another majestic day. I pray for my loved ones. I pray for healing and protection. I pray for the righteousness of mankind, animal life, plant life, and everything of this Earth. I pour out my prayers to the Creator and when I feel the peaceful surrounding and serenity, I then pour a little water out of my cup onto the ground as my form of respect to the Creator. I then drink the rest, to absorb the prayers I pray every morning.

I always have faith and believe that my prayers are heard and that when the Creator feels fit to answer them, HE will….ALL IN HIS OWN TIME. For I know, I didn’t keep my wants and wishes inside my being, but instead released them into the universe, where the Creator, the divine angels, and the spirit protectors can then manifest a grand destiny and direction for my life.

Patience is the key to having faith. For with patience, the light within us stays illuminated and remains bright. To see and know when prayers are answered is a wonderful thing. For you know instantly when answers are granted, because within your being you feel grateful and ALWAYS the emotions of being blessed with positive effects are so grand, tears form in the wellness of both eyes. It is then you know that the Creator is listening and watching. It is then you know that you are not alone, no matter how sometimes it is felt that we are completely abandoned, lost and lonely.

The POWER of PRAYER, the POWER of FAITH, and the POWER of HOPE, are a massive combination that Can & Will very well bring out joyful abundance.

It is just up, to each one of US, to ask and not keep silent for what it is, OUR VERY SOULS DESIRE.

For those who don’t pray. And who don’t believe. And who have lost FAITH/HOPE. Try again.

TRY AGAIN and REMEMBER that everything happens for a reason. Everything is meant for us to learn and grow, and become stronger to one day help others become the best at what they are meant to be.

PRAYER is POWER. Prayer opens doorways that non-prayers cannot.

The doorways to abundance.

The doorways to a peaceful, calming, soothing life, filled with FAITH, HOPE & never-ending LOVE.


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