Even Wyoming Poet Laureate Rose Hill was at the 2016 Wyoming Writer’s Conference this weekend by Darrah J. Perez

Rose Hill

This weekend the 2016 Wyoming Writer’s Conference attracted many Authors from the towns of Wyoming, and even as far as Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Texas.

Keynote Speaker Joseph Marshall III, a Lakota Author from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota shared with the attendees a great message, “It doesn’t matter who you write for, as long as us writer’s write with passion, we have a purpose,” he said.

A beautiful message that spoke to all those who heard him.

Some of the participants were attending for the first time, and some had been coming for years.

It was a great way to meet other writers, make lasting friendships, and hold dear memories. Some of the presenters included, award winning Author Pamela Fagan Hutchins who shared with the participants the keys of non-traditional publishing and what works best for her. Author Lori Howe shared the Art of Storytelling in Poetry form and the Art of poetry ending. Author John Calderazzo shared many tips in the expertise in the non-fiction genre.

With many Authors and Poets from all genres, the conference was well liked by many. “I haven’t been to one of these conferences in years,” said one attendee, “I forgot how fun and connecting they were.”

The 3-day conference was held at the Wind River Hotel & Casino.

Next year’s conference will be posted upon the Wyoming Writer’s website when decided by the board where to have it.  http://www.wyowriters.org/

2016 has been marked down as a success for the Wyoming Writer’s Conference, with some Authors travelling back home today, some going to other events, and some sticking around Fremont County for a day or so.  


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